Are you an exhausted, concerned, uncertain, overwhelmed parent of a child who is struggling at home, in life, in school or at college?

Do you wish you could figure out how to help your child tell the truth, follow directions, get started with homework, listen to your advice, and do what you know they are capable of doing?

Have you ever thought or had people tell you your child just needs to try harder ?

Have you tried all the parenting tips and strategies but nothing seems to change or work with your child, not even rewards, consequences, or incentives?

Do you wish you could find someone who understands your situation, knows how to connect with kids of all ages and can help you and your child figure out how to stop fighting and start having the conversations, fun, and success in life that everyone wants?

Look no further!

You have found the RIGHT PLACE for all of your COACHING NEEDS!

Meet Coach Courtney -

Your Ally in Compassionate Curiosity, Transformation and Thriving

Courtney knows what it takes to guide you and your child to a place of calm and connection while also giving you and your child the tools that will lead to understanding, acceptance, motivation, action, growth, and success. Her years of education and professional experience as a pediatric early intervention physical therapist and the executive director of a private home-based pulmonary physical therapy practice combined with her over 22 years of parenting 3 young adult children, including a neurodivergent young adult son who is twice-exceptional (gifted, ADHD and anxiety) who had significant lagging executive function skills, have fully prepared her to help parents and their neurodivergent children in significant and meaningful ways. Coaching is her life's calling. No matter your child's age, stage, diagnosis, or challenging situation, she and her team of coaches have the knowledge, resourcefulness, compassion, problem solving, advocacy, passion and communication skills to help you, your child, and your family.

Aside from her belief that kids do well if they can, Courtney's unique approach to coaching, employed by all 2TTS coaches, is informed by 6 Pillars:







Why Will Coaching Help ?

Sometimes the demands and responsibilities of life get to be too challenging and the skills people need (especially executive function skills) are not the skills that they have. Even when someone "should" be able to meet expectations, they somehow fall short - repeatedly. For people with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and other diagnoses and learning profiles, executive function skills are typically not yet fully developed and their brains are wired differently which results in their inability to respond to and meet expectations in the same way that neurotypical brains are. There is a neurobiological and chemical basis for their inability to meet expectations that we can't see but is real. Parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, and others try to help with medication, behavioral management techniques like rewards and consequences, reminders, tutors, therapy, and so forth, but these typically don't work.

Unfortunately, it can feel like no matter how much effort goes in to helping, nothing changes. And in fact, instead of helping, things actually get worse. Anger, depression, arguments, defensiveness, lying, avoidance, shutting down, and other challenging and sometimes destructive behaviors and emotions become the norm. If this sounds familiar, 2tametheshamE, Inc coaching can help.

The truth is, that these unmet expectations, behaviors and emotions won't be helped by traditional approaches like behavioral management techniques or therapy alone because the unmet expectations, the behaviors, and the emotions are not purely behaviorally or emotionally based; the person's actions are not just a matter of willpower, motivation or effort. In order for change to happen, new skills need to be learned; those skills are executive function skills. As Dr. Thomas Brown says in The Disruptors, "it is a matter of the dynamics of the chemistry in the brain" and it requires intervention at the point of skills, not just emotional support and behavioral intervention and modification.

The unmet expectations are most often due to lagging skills that are directly related to a person's invisible, brain-based disability such as ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, etc.. The challenge is that these lagging skills can look like lack of motivation, laziness, lack of willpower or effort. They require 1:1 instruction patience, compassion, encouragement, accountability, practice, and repetition; and the older someone is, the harder it is to learn. This is how 2tametheshamE, Inc. executive function skill coaching helps! Coaching provides this skill-based support in a compassionate, encouraging way with the necessary accountability that fades over time as skills are acquired.

People think that because someone is smart and seems capable, that they "should" be able to do well; that they automatically have everything needed to be successful as long as they try; as long as they apply themselves. If they aren't successful, people wrongly assume they are lazy, unmotivated, not disciplined, or aren't trying hard enough. We try to help by imposing meaningful and significant consequences.

The reality, though, is that in most of these situations, people want to do well but they can't; and they can't because they don't yet have the skills to meet the expectations. They have the motivation; they don't want to endure the consequences but they have no choice because they don't know what to do differently. They are stuck.

The only way forward is a multimodal approach that at a minimum must include targeted instruction and support in the lagging executive function skills. To be sure, medication, therapy, tutoring and other supports may also be needed, but without targeted instruction in executive function skills and the required accountability to implement them consistently, no incentive or consequence will result in any meaningful change. With executive function skill coaching combined with a compassionate, relationship-based, whole-person, collaborative approach, skills will be learned, success will be achieved, challenging behaviors will decrease, and this transformation will lead to mini-successes and increased confidence and then to bigger successes and thriving!

What Is 2tametheshamE's Model for Coaching?

Aside from compassion and empathy, 2tametheshamE coaching is informed by this Stepstool Model of Growth & Success and the 6 Pillars of CONNECTION, COLLABORATION, COMPASSIONATE CURIOSITY, TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND EMPOWERMENT based on the work of well known professionals in the neurodiverse community: Ross Greene, Ph.D; Dan Siegel, M.D; Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D; Mona Delahooke, Ph.D.; Stephen Porges, Ph.D; Susan Baum, Ph.D; Beverly Trail, Ed.D; Russell Barkley, M.D.; Thomas Brown, M.D; Dr. Sharon Saline; Deborah Reber; and more. Every coach at 2tametheshamE is trained in this Stepstool model and uses this basic framework, along with Ross Greene's motto of "Kids Do Well If They Can", and a number of interventional strategies, tools, and techniques to individualize a whole-person, strengths-based plan that responds to each client's unique needs and situation.

The FIRST PHASE of coaching focuses on developing a solid foundation of connection, understanding, and trust. Courtney and each of the coaches create a safe and accepting space where trust, authenticity, honesty, transparency, patience and seeing a client through their strengths, skills, and interests are the norm. The coaches practice compassionate curiosity in helping clients to reflect on the past and plan for and envision their future selves. Coaches help each client understand their brain-based invisible disability or disabilities and how they can result in asynchronies and lagging skills which can quite frequently manifest as challenging behaviors, anxiety, and/or depression. Neither these behaviors, nor the anxiety, shame or depression will change with behavior management approaches and techniques alone; the underlying lagging skills also need to be identified and developed. 2tametheshamE coaches help their clients understand that their inability to meet the expectations of others or of themselves is not their fault, and is not a result of their lack of motivation, laziness, or effort; it is a result of not yet having the skills needed to meet the expectations. With this new understanding, clients can begin to peel away the layers of self-doubt, low confidence, anxiety and depression that can make progress, future visioning, and taking action even harder.

The SECOND PHASE of coaching is all about building new skills, developing internal motivation and putting those skills and motivation into action to work on the established goals, both short and long term. Coupled with the just right level of accountability and encouragement, this process leads to transformational change in self-awareness, self-advocacy, self-agency, and self-determination, all of which have a positive impact on the client's motivation, sense of accomplishment, confidence, and self-esteem. In this phase we celebrate the little and the big wins, and focus on consistent effort, intention, reflection, and honesty which are key to effective progress.

Over time, clients enter the FINAL PHASE of COACHING in which new habits, routines, and skills are built, leading to greater confidence, more success and ever increasing levels of independence and consistency in performance. This is the ultimate goal of coaching: for clients to BE EMPOWERED, TRANSFORMED, THRIVING, and LIVING THE LIFE THEY ENVISION and WANT!

Who Can Benefit from Coaching ?

People of All Ages:
Whether an elementary school student or pursuing a Ph.D.; whether you have ADHD, Executive Function Skill Challenges, Anxiety, other learning disabilities,
or are Autistic, Twice-Exceptional, or simply Struggle with Focus, Organization, Effort, Consistency, Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Overwhelm, 2tametheshamE, Inc.'s strengths-based, whole person, executive function skill coaching is right for you!

Parents and Families with Kids of Any Age Who Have ADHD, Executive Function Skill Challenges, Behavioral Challenges, Anxiety, other learning disabilities, or are Autistic, Twice-Exceptional, or whose kids are home after trying college which wasn't a right fit and need to figure out what's next, or any combination of the above, 2tametheshamE, Inc.'s strengths-based, whole person, executive function skill coaching is right for you!

Older High School Students Trying to Navigate the Transition from High School to College;
College Students Struggling to Keep Up with the Academic and Life Demands of On-Campus Living, and Young Adults Living at Home who are Struggling with What it Takes to be Independent and Manage Young Adult Life and Responsibilities, 2tametheshamE, Inc.'s strengths-based, whole person, executive function skill coaching is right for you!



This simplified visual model demonstrates that the 6 pillars that inform 2tametheshamE, Inc.'s approach to coaching don't only apply to the coach-child relationship; rather, they apply to the system as a whole. Each person in the system has a role to play, and each person also impacts the other. Only when each player is performing his/her/their role while grounded in the 6 pillars will the child make the most effective and efficient progress. The coach, parent(s), and the child need to communicate, collaborate, be curious, be transparent, be accountable to one another, and be empowering. And if there is no coach, it is even more essential that the parent and the child are using these pillars as the basis for their relationship.

When everyone is working from this same foundational approach and with the same language, vision, and information, the system functions efficiently and effectively allowing the child to make the most effective progress. If there is a breakdown in one of the pillars or with one of the players, the system does not function as effectively and the child does not make progress as efficiently or effectively. This scenario is true whether it is the coach, the child, or the parent.

Given this dynamic system, and the symbiotic roles that the parent(s) and coach have, it is essential for parents to have the basic knowledge, foundational understanding and parenting tools and techniques needed to support their neurodiverse child, and this is especially true if their child is being coached. These tools and techniques are different than the mainstream techniques that most people have access to, understand and use.

To provide parents with this much-needed information, 2tametheshamE coaches are available for 1:1 parent coaching, but Courtney also created the 2TTS Parenting Program so that busy parents would have an easy and effective way to learn everything they need to know at times that work for them. For parents who are interested in having access to this essential parenting resource PLUS live coaching calls with Courtney on a weekly basis AND opportunities to connect with other parents of neurodivergent kids, she also created the 2TTS Parenting Community.

While not all children need 1:1 coaching to make effective progress, all parents need to learn how to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively with their children to help them make effective progress. Parents are with their children more than any coach is, and so having the tools from this program allows a parent to support their child in a way that is compassionately curious, collaborative, and empowering which ultimately leads to more impactful and effective progress.

Whether you choose the 2TTS Parenting Program or the 2TTS Parenting Community, you will learn how to help your child thrive, even if your child doesn't have 1:1 coaching, BUT if your child does need 1:1 coaching to support their own skill development, with the tools from this program you will be supporting the work of your child's coach in a symbiotic way that will lead to the best possible scenario for the transformation and thriving of your child!

Listen to What Others Have Shared About Their Experience with 2tametheshamE Inc.'s

Strengths-Based, Whole Person, Executive Function Skill Coaching

"From the moment I spoke with Courtney during my initial consultation, I could tell that she is a person who understands. All of the nuances about my son who is autistic, anxious, depressed, and has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD, accumulated over 17 years of his life, were not surprising to her. She could finish my sentences. She has personally been through it all, the knowledge that she possesses is undeniable. She shaped my way of thinking and showed me a way to approach my son from a place of love, compassion and understanding. She empowered me with a way to deal with his school issues and set me up with a plan for success. She turned challenges into opportunities and encouraged me to trust my parental instinct. She gave me a tremendous amount of targeted support and helped me heal the rift between my son and I. My family was struggling but we now have a solid plan going forward and I am more resilient and confident now than I was before I met her. I’m very grateful to Coach Courtney for her professionalism, quick responses and her dedication to her clients! She was born to do this!!" - Lydia I.

"Discovering Courtney and her parent/child coaching program has been one of the most important things to happen to me in the past several months. I felt so alone parenting a neurodivergent child. No one around me seemed to understand what my son and I were/are going through. Courtney does. Courtney has pulled together a community of parents just like me. Every week, I have the opportunity to meet with Courtney and this community of parents to share my experiences and listen to theirs. This has made me feel so much less alone in this journey. It has even brought me joy. Courtney is real. She too is the parent of a neurodivergent child, who is now a young adult. She understands the challenges, the extreme lows, and the rawness of feeling like a failure as a parent despite the fact that you have been trying so hard. Compassionate curiosity has been the key to changing my relationship with my son. Though, this is not always easy, it takes patience, a lot of it and so much practice! Compassionate curiosity is imperative. Courtney truly cares about the parents, children, and young adults that she coaches. You can clearly tell by the way she listens and responds. I'm so thankful for finding Courtney and her amazing community of parents, just like me. I highly recommend that you give Courtney a chance. The information she provides is not just applicable to your relationship with your neurodivergent child, but can also be used to improve your relationship with your neurotypical child(ren) and even your partner/spouse." - Kelsey

"Courtney started with my 16-year-old daughter this Spring who struggles with depression, ADHD and ASD and had not done well with prior EF tutors. Courtney had her work cut out for her, as my daughter is not quick to trust adults or experts. She had become convinced that no tools will work for her. Courtney took just the right amount of time building a relationship with Sophia and in addressing Sophie's own goals. They have a great working relationship and have started building on that to organization and executive function skills. Courtney has helped me to step back and not be Sophie's constant reminder and this is helping her build the skills for independence and college." - Lauren

" Courtney is truly exceptional in coaching and offers so much support and guidance. When I was struggling with finding the right career path in college, she knew all the right questions to ask to help me focus on my strengths, interests, and goals. It was very clear that Courtney genuinely cared and she followed up with me several times. , Courtney's coaching played a huge part in helping me feel confident in my decision to make big changes to my career goals." - Madison S.

" I really need to hear this today. It’s been rough the past weekends but I turned it around today, looking at it from his perspective, and it changed the course. Thank you Courtney for the constant encouragement." Tracey S. 

"Courtney Edman led the best parent group! Her work as a parent coach and facilitator helped me with my communication style with my son who struggles with ADHD and Executive Functioning. Thanks to her insight, I was able to effectively communicate with my son and he actually opened up to me in a way that he never had before! ." - Elizabeth R

"As a parent of two differently wired kids, doing the best I can to support and nurture my kids can be challenging, lonely and frustrating (even though they also bring joy and laughter!). Courtney has been a tremendous help to provide concrete and tactical ways to create structure and scaffolding strategies for the kids. There are so many resources out there but she helps to wade through the noise to provide specific, relevant resources for me (books, podcasts, camps, etc.). I have seen a noticeable improvement in my son's confidence and behavior since I started working with Courtney. My son also looks forward to talking to her and sharing what is going on with him" - Renee C

"Thank you soo much for this follow up message. I am printing it out and will reread it when I find myself feeling exasperated and need to exude compassion once again. Your personal parental experience with this is invaluable. You truly understand the challenges. The subsequent empathy and the skills that you have acquired through it all and are now passing to other parents like myself are so valuable. Thank you." - T.M.

"I just got the call you got. He called you first then called me with all his good news of finals and grades. He's SO happy and feels so good about everything! Thank you SO much!" - L.D

What Services ARE AVAILABLE with 2TTS, Inc. COACHING?

One on One Coaching - Parents, Caregivers, Kids, and Adults

Face to face coaching sessions for PARENTS and KIDS alike serve as the cornerstone of transformational change. 2tametheshamE provides coaching to children, teens, young adults, adults, parents, and in some cases, families. The majority of coaching sessions take place virtually through zoom; however, there are times when in-person coaching occurs based on geographic location and client need. Regular updates and communication with parents about the progress of their children is a fundamental part of the coaching service 2tametheshmE provides. When working with adult children, each coach honors the client's independence and privacy while also creating a level of transparency, collaboration and trust amongst family members.

In addition to face to face coaching, 2tametheshamE coaches also provide text coaching and check-ins as an integral part of the coaching model for most clients. This additional level of support corresponds and evolves with the individual's need for accountability, motivation, and communication preferences. It is adjusted regularly and in collaboration with each client as the needs of the client evolve. The goal is that the client develops enough internal motivation, confidence, competence and accountability to themselves, that check-ins become a simple confirmation of what has been done or are not needed at all.

Whether you want coaching for your child of any age, parent coaching for yourself, or a combination of both, the coaches at 2tametheshamE, Inc. are ready to help you on your path to skill-building, self-confidence, taking action on your goals, transformation and thriving!

Book a DISCOVERY CALL or email Courtney at [email protected] to learn more about how 2tametheshamE coaching can help you get started on your road to transformation!

With 2TTS Coaching, you will

BE Empowered, Feel Transformed, and Thrive!

2TTS Parenting Community and Small Group Caregiver Coaching

We have created 2TametheshamE Parenting and our 4-week Small Group Caregiver Coaching Option to provide a go-to and comprehensive resource of information and support for parents who feel lost, alone, uncertain, confused, and at their wits end in raising a neurodivergent child. Whether you choose to join the community or participate in the Small Group Coaching, you will have access to the ever-growing library of videos and other resources created and updated by the team of 2TTS coaches. Both the community and the small groups are made up of parents and caregivers who are raising kids with ADHD, anxiety, executive function skill challenges, dyslexia, or who are autistic, twice-exceptional, or any combination of the above. As a member of the Parenting Community or a small group, you will have access to the library of videos and resources. Both options also provide the opportunity to meet weekly through Zoom to connect, share, breathe, be grounded, and have access to parent coaching and support in response to whatever might be happening in the moment. For members of the Parenting Community, this weekly meeting is available for as long as you are a member, whereas this opportunity is available to participants in Small Group Coaching during the weeks of the group.

The journey of parenting a neurodivergent child is familiar to each of the coaches, and they share their lived experiences in authentic ways while also bringing current research, strategies, solutions and insights to the community and the groups. They do all of the work to stay current so that you don't have to.

Parents and caregivers who join the community or the small group find all the information, resources, solutions, support, connection, confidence, and hope they need for their unique journey! The on-demand video library and resources combined with access to coaches each week along with the chance to connect and share this journey with other parents and caregivers who "get it", make each of these options an invaluable and affordable all-in-one, go-to parenting resource for supporting neurodivergent kids.

When parents and caregivers learn the approach needed for neurodivergent kids through the information and guidance provided in these affordable coaching options, kids make more effective progress and have a faster rate of growth with their skills, independence, and collaboration than with 1:1 coaching with the child alone. Additionally, in learning the skills shared in the community and groups, parents and caregivers foster a relationship with their neurodivergent kids built on honesty, trust, collaboration, and fun.


For more information, email Courtney at [email protected] You are not alone on this journey! We can't wait to meet and guide you from a place of chaos and uncertainty to a place of hope, collaboration, and fun!

With 2TTS Parenting, you will

BE Empowered, Find Your Tribe, and Thrive!

Coaching Case Management

This service is typically provided for teens and young adults who are working towards a greater level of responsibility, independence and self-advocacy (i.e. juniors or seniors in high school or first time college students who have ADHD, autism or other complex learning profile; young adults living at home and/or returning home after discovering that college was not the right fit for them)

This specialized and comprehensive coaching service provides a higher level of support than standard one on one coaching does. In addition to a higher frequency of coaching, CCM also includes several if not all of the following elements:

  • 1:1 coaching for the child
  • 1:1 parent coaching
  • coach-facilitated family meetings
  • collaboration, advocacy, and written and verbal communication with other professionals supporting the child (i.e. therapists, school counselors, teachers/professors, advisors, disability service providers, advocates, etc.)
  • preparation for and attendance at 504 and IEP eligibility determination meetings or support for advocating for and accessing accommodations in college

Book a DISCOVERY CALL or email Courtney at [email protected] to learn more about case management coaching and how you can get started on your road to transformation!

With 2TTS Coaching Case Management, you will

BE Empowered, Feel Transformed, and Thrive!


Read her bio below

Courtney has the professional training, skills, experience and know-how to guide you and your child to a place of calm and connection while also providing each of you with the tools that will lead to understanding, acceptance, awareness, growth, action, and success. Her years of education and professional experience as a pediatric early intervention physical therapist and the executive director of a private home-based pulmonary physical therapy practice combined with her over 22 years of parenting 3 young adult children have fully prepared her to help parents and their neurodivergent children in significant and meaningful ways.

Courtney earned her Bachelor’s degree from Washington and Lee University in 1993 and spent a semester abroad in Freiburg, Germany during her undergraduate years. After spending 6 months in Munich, Germany as a corporate intern and playing in several Bavarian Oom-Pah bands, she went on to complete a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1997. She received her license as a physical therapist shortly after graduation at VCU and went on to specialize in birth to three year-olds where she coached and empowered parents while supporting the skill development of infants and toddlers with developmental delays and/or disabilities. During that time as a PT in Early Intervention, she became a Certified Early Intervention Specialist (CEIS). Since 2000, she has also provided chest physical therapy to patients with chronic, life-shortening pulmonary disease and from February 2017 until April 2021 she served as the executive director of Chest Physical Therapy Services.

In 2020 she chose to bring her skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise gleaned from over 20 years as a parent, physical therapist, executive director, and lifelong learner to a new career, coaching people with complex learning profiles and their parents. Her struggle to find help for her son at home and in school is what inspired her to become a coach. Not until he was 17 did she learn the term twice-exceptional, which opened the doors for understanding the challenging journey that she and her son had been on and led her to understand the approach needed to support him. Since becoming aware of that term, Courtney has been on a mission to bring awareness and know-how to the world about neurodiversity and the skills, affirmation, and strategies that neurodivergent people need to thrive in the world. In 2022 Courtney decided to pursue this mission by launching her own company, 2tametheshamE, Inc. to provide coaching, education, and advocacy for neurodivergent individuals and their parents. 

In addition to 2tametheshamE, Inc. Courtney has also launched the See Me Podcast with host and former journalist, Patty Lubold, that is available on Spotify and Apple. She also serves as an advisory board member for several organizations: the Chris Walsh Center for Families and Educators at Framingham State University, the Inattentive ADHD Coalition, and the MA DESE Special Education Advisory Council . She is a trained SENG Community Group (SCG) Facilitator , a graduate of the PCTI of MA FCSN , and has been a guest lecturer on the topics of giftedness and twice-exceptionality for undergraduate and graduate student teachers at Framingham State University. Additionally, she is a member of SENG, MAGE, CHADD, AAPCA of AANE, TECA, and NAGC.

Courtney lives in Framingham, MA and has enjoyed the parenting and life adventure with her husband, three kids, and her faithful four-legged walking companion, Baxter. She is conversational in French and German, and when not coaching, she can be found competing on the tennis court, enjoying travel, reading by the ocean, or spending time with family and friends, near and far.


CLICK HERE to book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL with Courtney or email her at [email protected] to discuss your concerns and learn more about how coaching and the 2TTS Parenting Program can help you, your child, or both of you break through the challenges so that you can be empowered, feel transformed, and get back on the road to CONNECTION, COLLABORATION, CURIOSITY, EMPOWERMENT, and THRIVING!

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