Wendy joins the 2tametheshamE, Inc. coaching team bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, creativity, and energy to her coaching. She has a master's degree in special education and throughout her career has worked in a variety of capacities as an educator for children, teens, and adults with diverse and complex learning profiles. For the past 10 years, she has been coaching parents, children, teens, and adults to better understand their own neurodiversity and utilize their strengths while building new skills to feel successful in various aspects of life. 

In addition to her background in special education, Wendy also brings knowledge about sensory processing to her coaching. Like all coaches at 2tametheshame, Inc., Wendy prioritizes the relationship with her clients and brings empathy, encouragement, and accountability to support her clients in the process of transformation and achieving their goals.

In her personal life, she's the mother of three kids and enjoys the outdoors. From skiing to hiking and sometimes even rock climbing, Wendy soaks up all the outside time possible. 


Dr. Wilcox joins the 2tametheshamE, Inc. coaching team with a wealth of experience and education related to neurodiversity and ADHD. She has spent over 20 years in academia as a behavioral pharmacologist studying drug abuse behavior and ADHD medications at Emory University and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In addition to this work, she has raised a son, Andrew, who was diagnosed at age 8 with inattentive ADHD and has helped him throughout his life, from elementary school to college, to manage his ADHD. Wanting to share insights on parenting, the practical strategies that worked in raising an ADHD son and the experiences that Andrew had, Dr. Wilcox and Andrew co-wrote an award-winning book Andrew’s Awesome Adventures with His ADHD Brain. They also enjoy sharing their journey with others through varios speaking engagements. Additionally, Dr. Wilcox has written about ADHD and neurodiversity for Attention magazine, ADDitude, The Child Mind Institute, Understood, and Different Brains. Her blog, Mythbusting ADHD, can be found on Psychology Today. Dr. Wilcox is an active advocate for ADHD education outreach and serves on the executive boards of the Greater Baltimore chapter of Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) and the Inattentive ADHD Coalition.  

Dr. Wilcox believes in arming parents with the knowledge and tools to understand, advocate for and help their ADHD children become successful in all of their goals, while also fostering a relationship built on trust, honesty, collaboration, and fun.  


Kellianne joins the 2tametheshamE, Inc. team as the operations manager. She has extensive background and experience as a manager of a small business and with an international company, TJX.  Outside of her professional roles, she has also served in numerous volunteer positions and on multiple boards, both as a member, on executive committees, and as the Chair of the Board.   Her knowledge of operations, finances, and organizational systems combined with her own outstanding communication and organizing skills will be a tremendous asset to the company and our clients as we expand our team and services to meet the evergrowing need for coaching, education, and advocacy for neurodivergent students, adults, and their families. 

Kellianne is also the mother of two adult children who have successfully launched, a professional organizer, and a high school tennis coach in the Metrowest Boston area. In 2016 she was voted by her peers as the TVL Girls Tennis Coach of the Year.  In her free time, Kellianne enjoys walking her dog, knitting, and competing regularly in several tennis leagues in the greater Boston area.


Paige joins the 2TTS team with a compassionately curious mind and well-matched skill set to provide behind-the-scenes support for all aspects of the company, including its communication, education, and advocacy pursuits. Paige is also using the opportunity with 2TTS to expand her knowledge and gain experience in the field of neurodiversity including learning more about strategies for supporting neurodivergent individuals and their families.

She holds a bachelor's degree in public health and dance from American University and plans to pursue a master's degree in social work. Her study of dance has made her particularly interested in the mind-body connection and the importance of looking at the whole individual. After completing her degree at American, Paige spent a year working for Americorps NCCC, where she had the opportunity to live and work for several nonprofits in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. She is excited to be back in her home state of Massachusetts where in addition to her work with 2TTS, she is also working at Starbucks as a barista as well as a dance teacher at a local dance studio!  


Kate joins the 2TTS team as a research and technology assistant while completing her Bachelor’s degree at Sacred Heart University. Kate will graduate in May 2024 with honors as a Psychology major and Criminal Justice minor. Following graduation, Kate intends to enter graduate school for Clinical Neuropsychology.

During her time with 2TTS, she will be learning from the coaches and clients of 2TTS by shadowing coaching sessions while also supporting the mission and work of the company behind the scenes. She looks forward to expanding her understanding of neurodiversity and the different ways in which it presents, including the ways that lagging executive function skills can impact and sometimes result in mental health challenges because of the invisible brain-based nature of the skills and the interpretation of their absence as laziness, lack of motivation and the resulting impact on the person's ability to meet expectations at home, school, work and in life.

While at Sacred Heart, Kate has been a student in the Thomas More Honors Program and a 4-year member of the Division I Women’s Volleyball team, serving as co-captain during her senior season. She is a member of the International Honor Society of Psychology and the International Honor Society of Criminal Justice. When not on the volleyball court or in the classroom, Kate is a part of the Canine Cognition Lab and Dolphin Communication Project at SHU, studying cognition, memory, and social interaction in animals.

Kate is excited to see the real-world applications of what she has learned in her classroom and research experiences, especially in the realm of cognition, mindfulness, and applied behavioral analysis while also learning more about coaching and its role in supporting neurodivergent individuals and their parents. She is especially interested in understanding more about the ways in which invisible disabilities present in every day life, their impact on people's lives, and the role of strengths-based, whole-person executive function coaching in the comprehensive treatment of people with these educationally-related, brain-based challenges.