Products We Recommend To Support Your and Your Child's Executive Function Needs

Take charge of what you want to do and make it happen with the Actionize It Planning System

Based on the process that coaches at 2tametheshamE, Inc. use to teach clients of all ages how to plan, prioritize, and use a calendar for getting everything done, this system is neurodivergent friendly and teaches the process of planning; how to move from not knowing where to start or being overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, to knowing exactly what, when, and where to take action.

It prevents the tendency we have of keeping everything in our head or wondering what to do first or how to get started so that it all gets done. By using this tool, the details are all figured out ahead of time so that all is left is to take action.

The Actionize It Planning System is not a calendar or a "planner"; BUT it is the perfect tool for people who have poor executive function skills or who have not yet learned how to use a calendar or a planner; it teaches people of all ages and abilities these important skills so that you can use them for anything you need to do in life.

Get Started TODAY with the tool that will build skills that will last a lifetime and change your ability to GET THINGS DONE!

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