Why 1:1 Parent Coaching?

Parenting a child with lagging executive function skills is complex, messy, confusing, lonely, and downright frustrating at times. You can feel like anything you say or do is met with a rolled eyeball, a sigh, silence, an angry outburst, it is ignored or at best forgotten. The effort required to show up and keep going is immense and exhausting! Finding people that understand our children and our situation and who know how to help is downright impossible and so often we feel guilty that we aren't a good enough parent and that the situation is hopeless.

I am here to tell you, that it isn't your fault and there IS help and HOPE! The way we have been taught to parent isn't effective with a neurodivergent child or with a child that has lagging executive function skills, and most often, can make things worse!

Parenting these kids requires a completely different approach than the strategies, techniques and approach that mainstream parenting resources suggest and the way that most of us were parented and know how to parent.

Courtney knows what it takes and has first hand experience in using the information, strategies, tools and techniques to transform her relationship with her son and her son's trajectory in life. She is ready to support you and share everything you need to know about this different approach.

The foundation for all of Courtney's parent coaching is informed by experts like Ross Greene, Ph.D., Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D, Dan Siegel, M.D, Russell Barkley, M.D., Thomas Brown, M.D., Mona Delahooke, Ph.D, Sharon Saline, Psy.D, Deborah Reber, and more. To make it easy and accessible for parents she has created an on On-Demand Parenting Program that is part of the 2TTS Parenting Community and is a comprehensive, go-to resource for parenting a neurodivergent child.

While this essential "manual" in 2TTS Parenting provides incredible value and on-demand access to the information you need, it doesn't always provide you with the individualized support or accountability you want or need to implement and tailor the strategies and solutions to your unique situation.

This is why 1:1 Coaching sessions can be so beneficial. They provide the perfect opportunity to provide the individualized and targeted support, accountability, and problem solving you are looking for. A 1:1 session provides the opportunity to discuss, debrief, process, problem-solve, and get that individualized support you need.

As shown in 2TTS's Systems Model of Coaching (see below for more information), even when a child is being coached, parents still play a critical role in supporting the transformation of their child. When the coach and parent are working symbiotically and collaboratively with the same foundational knowledge and within the same framework and approach, children make more effective and efficient progress. No matter whether you choose to get this information through 2TTS Parenting or through 1:1 Parent Coaching sessions, Courtney looks forward to providing you with the knowledge that you need and supporting you in a way that meets your parenting needs and ultimately helps you and your child.

If you are interested in learning more about 2TTS Parenting, click here. If you prefer to get started with 1:1 coaching, please email Courtney directly at [email protected] or set up a DISCOVERY CALL TODAY

I look forward to meeting you and helping you learn to PARENT with COMPASSIONATE CURIOSITY so that you, your child and family will experience CONNECTION, be EMPOWERED to COLLABORATE and PROBLEM SOLVE, will TAME the SHAME and be on the path to TRANSFORMATION and THRIVING!


This simplified visual model demonstrates that the 6 pillars that inform Courtney's approach to coaching don't only apply to the coach-child relationship and to the the coach-parent relationship, but they also apply to the system as a whole. Each person in the system has a role to play, and each person also impacts the other. Only when each player is performing his/her/their role while grounded in the 6 pillars will the child make the most effective and efficient progress. The coach, parent(s), and the child need to communicate, collaborate, be curious, be transparent, be accountable to one another, and be empowering.

When everyone is working from this same foundational approach and with the same language, vision, and information, the system functions efficiently and effectively allowing the child to make the most effective progress. If there is a breakdown in one of the pillars or with one of the players, the coaching system does not function as effectively and the child does not make progress as efficiently or effectively. This scenario is true whether it is the coach, the child. or the parent.

Given this dynamic system, and the symbiotic roles that the parent(s) and coach have, it is essential for parents to have the basic knowledge, foundational understanding and parenting tools and techniques needed to support their neurodivergent child. These tools and techniques are different than the mainstream techniques that most people have access to, understand and use.

To provide parents with this much needed information, Courtney is available for 1:1 parent coaching, but she also created 2TTS Parenting so that busy parents would have an easy and effective way to learn everything they need to know at times that work for them while also having access to her on a weekly basis. Courtney will still do the challenging transformational work with your child so that you don't have to be the nag, but when you support her work in a symbiotic way, the system works more efficiently and the child makes the most effective progress.

Meet Coach Courtney Edman, MS, PT, CEIS

Courtney has been in your shoes. She is not only a coach but she is also the parent of a neurodivergent young adult son with ADHD, anxiety and significant lagging executive function skills. She knows what it takes to guide you and your child to a place of calm and connection while also giving you and your child the tools that will lead to understanding, acceptance, motivation, action, growth, and success. Her years of education and professional experience as a pediatric early intervention physical therapist and the executive director of a private home-based pulmonary physical therapy practice combined with her over 22 years of parenting 3 young adult children have fully prepared her to help parents and their neurodivergent children in significant and meaningful ways. Coaching is her life's calling. No matter your child's age, stage, diagnosis, or challenging situation, she has the knowledge, resourcefulness, compassion, problem solving, advocacy, passion and communication skills to help you, your child, and your family.

Listen to What Others Who Have Benefited from Courtney's Knowledge, Compassion, Patience, and Expertise Have to Say About Her Coaching

"As a parent of two differently wired kids, doing the best I can to support and nurture my kids can be challenging, lonely and frustrating (even though they also bring joy and laughter!). Courtney has been a tremendous help to provide concrete and tactical ways to create structure and scaffolding strategies for the kids. There are so many resources out there but she helps to wade through the noise to provide specific, relevant resources for me (books, podcasts, camps, etc.). I have seen a noticeable improvement in my son's confidence and behavior since I started working with Courtney. My son also looks forward to talking to her and sharing what is going on with him" - Renee C.

" I really need to hear this today. It’s been rough the past weekends but I turned it around today, looking at it from his perspective, and it changed the course. Thank you Courtney for the constant encouragement." Tracey S.

"Thank you soo much for this follow up message. I am printing it out and will reread it when I find myself feeling exasperated and need to exude compassion once again. Your personal parental experience with this is invaluable. You truly understand the challenges. The subsequent empathy and the skills that you have acquired through it all and are now passing to other parents like myself are so valuable. Thank you." - T.M.

"Courtney Edman led the best parent group! Her work as a parent coach and facilitator helped me with my communication style with my son who struggles with ADHD and Executive Functioning. Thanks to her insight, I was able to effectively communicate with my son and he actually opened up to me in a way that he never had before! ." - Elizabeth R

"Courtney Edman your love and support shines through your words!" - Kim L