Courtney's Step Stool Model for Growth and Success with People who are Neurodiverse

Reflection Questions for 2TTS's Stepstool Model for Supporting Neurodiverse Kids

What does the word or term neurodiversity mean for you or your family?

What is your current situation - what is going well ? what might you want to change? What do you need or want help with? 

What are the strengths of your child? How do you share in these strengths with your child and/or how do you and how frequently do you communicate with them that you recognize and celebrate and want to help them develop or pursue these strengths or interests?

What are the challenges that your child has? How are they getting the support or what supports are in place to help them with these challenges? What supports are you still looking to put in place?

Does the word asynchrony or asynchronous development apply in any way to your child? If so, how? If not, why not?

Who are the members of your child’s team? Do you need anyone else on the team? 

What parts of the stepstool are in place for you as you support your child? What part(s) do you want to build next? How might you do that? What might you need in order to make that happen? 

What goals do you have for you and your child for the next month?  and what are your next action steps to help you or your child move closer to achieving that or those goal(s)? 

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